Did you believe in us?
Did you believe in trust?
Cause I’ve been thinking it over
And you’re aware that I want you

You say
Believe in
Trust in

You say
Believe in

Did I push it too much?
Does it feel like we’re rushing?
Cause we’ve been getting closer
And I’m aware that you want me

Don’t want to give this up
You know that this could be something

So you got some premonitions all about my ways
Think you know some, but you know one
You’re getting in my way
Always looking over my shoulder
But you’ll never see what I’m about till it’s over

-Alunageorge, “Diver”

You’re a star
Who knew you’d shine so bright
Never thought you were the light
I was searching for
That last piece to my puzzle
You make me wide open to whatever you have in store
I am yours for the taking
Just say the word and I am yours